Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Picture Perfect

I love taking pictures, I always have. I also love to scrapbook, I'm not quite sure if I take pictures because I like to scrapbook, or if I scrapbook because I love pictures so. I went to Colorado for four & a half days last June and took 400-500 pictures by the end. Last month in Bayfield, WI I took over 250 pictures in 3 days! I.LOVE.PICTURES.

As much as I love pictures(my own pictures and others pictures) my FAVORITE pictures are the "smush-your-face-together-and-grin" pictures.They are honestly some of my favorite pictures I take. They are just so up close and personal and you can see how happy and almost unposed (except for the whole camera in your facething) and natural! I.LOVE.THEM.

For your viewing pleasure below are several "smush-your-face-together-and-grin" pictures.

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