Thursday, March 18, 2010

Budget Living

One of my New Years Goals/Resolutions was budgeting. So it's March and here I am trying to figure out a budget of sorts. Unfortunately it won't be as accurate for this month as it took me till the 14th to start organizing and recording my expenses, and I have misplaced/lost several of the receipts that I thought I had kept. As well as spending cash is a bit harder to track. I'm thinking that I need to keep an envelope in my wallet to catch all of the receipts as well as write down cash transactions on the envelope.

The budget I came up with is a pre-made spreadsheet through Google Documents. I did tweak it to match my needs a little bit better. Below is a sample of my budget broken down into months and then I actually added another page so it's all of the same information but broken down by weeks. If you look below you will see that "living expenses" is broken down to several things, along with all of the other categories... many of which I don't currently need. But will most likely need the more detailed lists later on. This summer I am planning on moving and my expenses will be increasing so knowing my expenses will help in the long run.

I'm hoping that not only keeping a budget will help me be more aware of my spending and will also help me cut back on unnecessary spending that is not something I should be wasting my money on.

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