Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Waiting on Spring

Here in my beloved Minnesota I am waiting on spring. 
I do love the winter but at this point after many late season snow storms I am done with the snow and am wishing, hoping, begging and pleading that spring will finally spring forth in Minnesota. 

Maybe it's wishful thinking but the last few days I feel like it maybe getting closer. as I was driving home Monday night I was noticing the change in the air. Even thought it was chilly outside and no where near the point (even thought I wanted to) where I could come home and open the windows and leave the patio door open it felt - 'springy'.  The sun was shining, birds chirping and blue blue skies. 

My wardrobe has even changed (despite the weather being 30 degrees). I've traded in the winter parka with the fur on the hood and fake uggs for cute ballet flats, light jackets and spring hues.

Despite the snow outside and the still chilly temps I traded in the winter themed decor for bright colors and cute little reminders that winter + snow will not be around forever.

Just for fun a cute sunnies & stache ring I feel in love with at Forever 21 and a tasty spring salad. 
(even my bright pink polish is calling for spring!)

Has spring finally 'sprung' in your home town or are you trying to wish & entice it along?


  1. Those pics make me happy! I too am boycotting my winter coat and boots. Take that, winter! :)

  2. I'm still seeing the "white stuff" but so happy patches of grass are showing up in the yard and it feels hot in the car or out in that sunshine. It definitely lifts the spirits! I've ditched the winter boots, thick sweaters and gloves & scarf. I'm done with Winter. Love the spring decor and the salad looks delish!

  3. Such a beautiful dress, the design and the fabric combo. Makes me want to be a little girl again so I could wear this v neck skater dress . And twirl around with pride!