Thursday, January 24, 2013

On things + enjoying life.

Life is busy and crazy but beautiful.

Some days I feel like I am running to and from work, appointments, coffee dates and dinner plans and getting home just long enough to fall into bed and hit repeat. I stress myself out with these 'everyday' days added on top of a mental list of wishes & 'to-dos'. Yesterday was one of those days. I rushed from work to a car shop where I picked my vehicle up after paying a fun fee, ran home to eat + change and then back out to meet friends. It was somewhat a busy stressful day - but yet there are so many blessings in that day that I missed counting.

- I have a car to drive (despite it's personal & maintenance issues) many do not have a luxury of a vehicle.
- I am blessed to have friends to see & hangout with.
- Blessed to have a job and be transitioning to a new position even if it causes schedule craziness and stress.

Sometimes I forget how blessed I am. But God uses the everyday and the ordinary to remind me. This morning as I drove to a new work location God reminded me that He is good and in control by simply painting the most gorgeous sunrise of hot pinks, orange and purple hues. I love how once again I am reminded that things in life are just that - things. Each day the sun comes up and we are given a new day to live and count the many blessings of life. I am so grateful for the ways in which God speaks to me ( in a way that HE knows I will hear) and get's my attention.

I think 2013 will be about slowing down, living in the present, enjoying life and recognizing it for the moments I am given.

Like this moment - blogging while eating lunch and enjoying the noise of life going on around me.

Ps. my mental 'wishes & to dos' list includes more details about Ice Castles, Christmas (yes in January), winter wedding and new job details.

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