Monday, January 7, 2013

A Surprise Party

A few weeks ago I was invited to a evening gathering of tea + cake at my friend's home. The evening was going to be a nice quiet evening sipping tea and eating cake with my friend Shelby (aka Curly Locks) and her sister Grace.

Instead of a quiet evening sipping tea it turned into a surprise bridesmaid party with Shelby's mom and two sisters. It was a delightful time with a gorgeous cake, Shelby revealing her wedding dress, asking us to all be her maids and a fun time with beautiful ladies!

{many apologizes about the grainy old iphone pictures}

The cake design was inspired by the notebooks below and serves as the wedding inspiration. Inside each notebook was a special message for each of us. She asked and I said YES!

{Shelby & I the day she told me she was engaged}

Cannot wait till the wedding on September 15th!


  1. Adorable! What a beautiful and truly thoughtful event. Looking forward to seeing photos of the events leading up to and of the wedding. -ASB

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  3. love it! being a bridesmaid is the best! what a fun party to attend! have so much fun miss becca ann!!! (which I LOVE because my baby sister is named Rebecca Anne !!)