Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas Eve!

Christmas Eve is here and I'm not ready for it. My presents are wrapped, my cookies & goodies made. But I'm not ready for Christmas to be over - tomorrow evening like ever past year Christmas will be done. I want 'pre-christmas' for another week or two the beautiful music, evenings spent with the tree lit and the anticipation of today.

This morning I would have loved to slowly wake up, lounge in my jammies and sip tea by the tree huddled under a blanket. Instead I woke up bright and early and got ready for work. On my drive to work I did crank the Christmas tunes and jam in the car & car dance to my hearts' content. I bought myself a hot cup of holiday cheer in the form of a 'Bou Fa La Latte. Then I {hopefully} made someone else's Christmas morning a bit brighter and purchased the car behind me's Caribou. My hope is that I started a beautiful chain reaction of paying it forward this Christmas morning.

Later today and tomorrow I will attend church and celebrate Christmas with family and friends, eat too any cookies and unwrap pretty presents. Right now I am just drinking in everything Christmas and trying to cherish every moment.

One of my favorite Christmas songs this year is 'I Celebrate the Day' by Relient K. The song and it's lyrics not only floor me but also remind me to celebrate Christmas and Jesus birth each and every day.

And the first time that You opened Your eyes
Did You realize that You would be my Savior
And the first breath that left Your lips
Did You know that it would change this world forever

This baby would one day save me
In the hope that what You did
That you were born so I might live

Wishing you & yours a Merry Christmas.


  1. Love your idea of "paying it forward"...that to me is the real spirit of Christmas :) I had to work on Christmas Eve as well. It's the one thing that it makes it hard living here in the U.S compared to Australia (where I'm from) - most places shut down for the whole week! Wouldn't that be lovely... Oh well, just makes me that much more appreciative of the time spent with family. Merry Christmas to you and yours also...have a lovely Christmas day!

  2. I'm so sad to have Christmas over already, too. I love the music, the feeling, the love and family around. It came and went so quickly this year.