Friday, December 28, 2012

Hello & Happy Friday from Duluth

As the status states I'm in DULUTH!

My dear friend Kristi is getting married tomorrow and I am one of the maids so I left early from work and headed north. The closer I got to Duluth the bigger my smile was - Duluth is one of my favorite Minnesota cities. I arrived a few hours before the rehearsal and headed straight for the beach.

Call me crazy but it's one of my favorite places in Duluth no matter the season. The waves were crashing on the shore, snow was falling and it was gorgeous.

I'm currently cozy in my hotel room, watching some cable tv (it's my hotel guilty pleasure!) and reading a Christmas present that is so fitting for me - 'Heads in Beds' a memoir written by a hotelier.

This is the start of a beautiful snowy Minnesota weekend surrounded by friends - words cannot express how happy And content I am right now.


  1. Wow, Duluth looks beautiful all white & snowy! I've only ever visited the city in September, with all the fall colours. What a way to spend the last weekend of 2012! Enjoy!

    1. Ella you need to visit Duluth in winter, it's beautiful!