Sunday, October 21, 2012

Chasing Fall

{Phelps Mill, Fergus Falls | Minnesota}

Like many Minnesotans I spent the weekend, and the better part of October chasing after fall. Summer comes and goes in a blink of an eye, fall sometimes is non-existant in Minnesota and Winter - well winter is here for months. I still cannot believe it's the middle of October already. 

Friday evening I drove several hours to meet a college friend and spend the majority of Saturday with her. It was wonderful. We had plans to roadtrip {for the day} around central Minnesota. 

Saturday we started the day with pumpkin pancakes and a country side stand selling pumpkins, gourds and vegetables -- everything was on the honor system {no joke, that is trust folks or Minnesota Nice}. We climbed Inspiration Peak, took many ridiculous pictures, bought country side pumpkins, laughed, talked and enjoyed life together. 
{Inspiration Peak, Urbank | Minnesota}

Most of the leaves are done changing and have fallen, apple season is almost over and Halloween is in a few days. But you can still find me sipping pumpkin spice latte's carving pumpkins and enjoying 'sweatshirt and jean weather' before it becomes boots, parkas and mitten weather. 

Are you still chasing fall?

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  1. Looks like fun! There are lots of things I wanted to do this fall that I still haven't time. Time is ticking! :)