Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Hello from New Ulm!

I'm heading back from New Ulm, Minnesota where I spent roughly 16 hours (including sleep) attending my companies annual meeting. A few other managers and I left mid-Monday morning for New Ulm (it's roughly 2 hours). Today after breakfast we left to head back to work. I have to say after a few busy couple of weeks I am really looking forward to life slowing down {hopefully}.

Going back to New Ulm made me think of the last time I was there with L to spend the weekend. 

Last time L and I meet a distinguished gentleman. 

Visited Schell's Brewery for a tour and went to a Winery

Made funny faces 
{because that's what we do}

Visited Herman the German 
{He is a very BIG deal in New Ulm}

Watched the Glockenspiel play it's tune and dance it's dance for 15 minutes
{it played 12 minutes too long --- just saying}

All in all it was a nice trip and a nice 'walk' down memory lane. This time there was no L, not nearly as many laughs and no glockenspiel. 

Until next time New Ulm.

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  1. Love that coral color on you friend! Beautiful photos. -ASB