Friday, August 24, 2012

{InstaFriday} 9.24.12 Edition


I'm linking up with Jeannette again for InstaFriday at LifeRearranged!

Caribou introduced all of their pumpkin drinks a week ago - needless to say I have had three pumpkin drinks so far!
Bible Study + a Pumpkin Latte// Pumpkin Iced Chia + One Thousand Gifts
Have you ready One Thousand Gifts? I really like it so far! 
I went to a fun wedding this weekend! 
Myself + Nae at Chandelle's Wedding// The cake = yum! 
beautiful Minnesota skies
balloons balloons balloons
We had a work event and I fit 39 balloons in my little SUV {HOLA!}
Our soft serve ice cream bar {after the mad rush!} // my sundae {yum!}
pretty flowers for the work event // I tried a pinterest hair style this weekend - looks same old same old
{my hair is a bit longer than the pinterest tutorial though}
Panera suppa! // Minnesota clouds + trees + grasslands
Minnesota State Fair
this is happening twice this weekend! 


  1. I am so excited for pumpkin drinks, but i'm trying my hardest to wait til after Labor Day. Don't ask me's just this thing in my head :) I love that you are going to the fair twice this weekend. I'm going next Thurs. It feels so far away. Wahhhh!

    1. I could not resist pumpkin drinks this year! I have not started any fall baking though so I am *trying* to wait till after Labor Day for that! I wait for all Christmas things until after Thanksgiving though - it's a must for me!