Monday, July 2, 2012

{Dear Monday Letters} Birthday Week Edition

Hello Monday! 
I'm linking up with Megan at Happy Day & sharing my Dear Monday letters with you. Click on over and share some Monday cheer with others ;) 

Dear Monday, what will you hold? Whatever it is I am ready for it - but please let me sip a little coffee before you get rolling ;)

Dear July, you are finally here! I have anxiously awaited you for months! I'm excited for all of the birthdays & celebrations this month - including INDEPENDENCE DAY! 

Dear Birthday Week, you are looking fabulous! So excited to celebrate with friends, reflect on the past year & anticipate the new year. Here is to you & me and a wonderful week! 

Dear neighbors, I like you, I really truly do. But must you really shoot off fireworks all weekend? Don't get me wrong, I love fireworks, but sometimes you should leave it to the professionals. Just sayin' is all. 

Dear Weekend, you were full of unexpected moments, treasured conversations, balmy 90 degree weather, and gorgeous sunsets.  I always underestimate how wonderful you will be and you always surprise me with an extra cherry on top with sprinkles! 

Dear Iced Coffee, I am attempting to make you at home. Sunday I purchased my first lime green Bodum French Press from Target - let's experiment and make deliciousness at home and save me some $$.

Wishing you a happy Monday!
Ps. Any iced coffee lovers out there who wanna help a sister out with some great at home brewing tips, techniques and secrets? 


  1. summer rocks! haha happy early birthday from another july baby :) p.s. i just stumbled on the minnesota blogger blog - how cool! not sure how i missed it. anyway, definitely going to try to make it to the blogger meetup.

    1. Happy Birthday to you Meg! I am going to try and make it to the blogger meet up too - I would love to meet other locals on the blogosphere!

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BECCA! I am sure my birthday present will make it front and center in your next post :) Love you dearly. -ASB