Sunday, May 13, 2012

Weekend Beautiful

You were something beautiful - that much I know.

Friday Nae & I kicked off the weekend with a great lunch date to celebrate her BIRTHDAY!
Lunch dates with friends are such a treat for me and I absolutely love pausing in the middle of the day and grabbing a bite with someone I love! And we sat on a patio - simply heavenly!

Saturday was busy & so much fun with a great friend date that involved crepes, coffee & a beautiful leisurely walk around a Minnesota lake with friends.
I also was able to try on my MOH dress for Nae's wedding that is coming up soon - so soon!
Saturday I also popped over to the Minnesota State Fair grounds for a wonderful rogue art & craft show & lastly bought some flowers and started working in the yard! By the end of the day I felt like I had accomplished so many things and fell into bed utterly exhausted!

Sunday was like a cherry on top of a perfect weekend. I had a wonderful Sunday school class of little 2 year olds, great church service & then a wonderful lunch served to all of the women in the family by my dad and uncles! I love traditions and I love Mothers Day in my family - it's always so special! 
Sunday I also was able to have a quick fun Subway date with a great friend who was on layover for a few hours! 

The weekend was beautiful. Fast but beautiful. 
Weekends like this always remind me how truly blessed I am. God has gifted me with a great life, wonderful people and the ability to do many things. Life is not always easy but it's beautiful {in the good & the bad}. 

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