Sunday, April 22, 2012

Beautiful Weekend & Beautiful Moments

{cupcakes from grandma's birthday celebration}

Happy late Sunday evening! 

The weekends was a little mix of everything - busyness, relaxation, chaos, reminiscing with friends, celebrating life and way to many calories consumed! This morning I finished reading NieNie's book Heaven is Here -- she's so inspiring and such a beautiful person. How silly is it that I am actually sad that I finished the book - I wish it would keep going, good thing there is her blog to follow along with! 

In recent weekends I have completely ignored my inbox - and it's been beautiful. But then Monday comes around and I have a rude awakening as I try to wade through everything. So thankful that I will have a day off tomorrow to slowly wade back into the week. 


Please excuse me as I go climb into bed and hopefully sleep past 7am *wishful dreaming*.

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