Monday, November 28, 2011

Rehash of the days that were

warning: below sentences may not make a whole lot of sense - it is Monday after all. 
Homemade apple pie for Thanksgiving.
I keep thinking about this pie. 
I miss turkey. And days off.

I did many of crazy things this weekend. Several of which involved many stores, not much sleep, earlier mornings & late evenings. I saw the Willow Tree Nativity set at Hallmark - I love nativities.
I also bought my christmas cards at Hallmark this year, Christmas card buying is a serious matter to me. 

We're decking the halls & breaking out yuletide cheer here at the house. There was some debate about purple lights on a certain Christmas tree, said Christmas tree now just has beautiful soft bulb lights, pretty.

We're hosting a Christmas party of Friday {eck!}, hence the breaking out of Christmas immediately. 

Candy Land full of all things sweet.

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