Tuesday, October 11, 2011

On Sights

A lot of my Friday - Sunday hours this weekend were spent at church since there was a wedding rehearsal+wedding+church+teaching sunday school during those three days, which also means I drove to church each day. Now church is located a bit in the 'burbs and is a bit farther of a drive since I have moved but despite that I love it's location.

 I love that I pass gorgeous scenery on my way, fields of corn, little ponds and fishing lakes, I love the extra time in the car to prepare my heart for worship and teaching & I love the barns I pass as I drive in and I love that it is a bit off the beaten path. I have driven that same path to and from church for three years now and in all reality the corn comes back every year, the trees along the highway are still the same trees as two years ago and the fields are still the same but I never get old of these sights. These sights inspire me and remind me of Gods' faithfulness and love, they remind me that He is everlasting and true. 

To me these sights are beautiful and hold a special place in my heart. 

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