Friday, October 7, 2011

{InstaFriday} with a side of fall

It's that time again... 
You know the drill - take cellphone pics throughout the week
of your week and post them on Friday. 
No need to have instagram just no fancy cameras :)

This week you will have to suffer through my half instagramed and half non-instagramed

Panera & a movie with a friend
I love Paneras' french onion soup

Fiery fall tree
have I mentioned I love fall
find out where I get inspired for fall here

Chandelle & I finally found time to get together! 
We had a wonderful evening of girl talk & chipotle - I love their burrito bowls!

Chandelle & I

I took a little 24 hour work trip from Monday noon - Tuesday noon

Apple cider float
apple cider+vanilla ice cream+drizzle of caramel

Loving Minnesota's idea of fall weather this week

Lost change found again
I dug out $4.06 plus 6 bobby pins from a teeny-tiny hole in my wallet

a prairie like park

this picture with the lake makes me yearn for up north


  1. We have the same taste in food... Panera. OH my, always the Sierra Turkey and Creamy Tomato and Chipotle, bring it on! Nice choices! :)

  2. Lovely scenery pictures!!

    Came over from instafriday!! Thanks for posting!!