Sunday, September 25, 2011

A weekend that was

A weekend that was such a beautiful & fun weekend. 
Quite by chance my weekend went from being slam packed busy to a nicely balanced weekend full of fun, friends, children, church & football. 

For weeks I had been looking forward to this weekend. My alma mater was in town playing the Gophers. In college I loved going to Bison football games but since graduation I had not gotten the chance to go to any games. Enter this weekend the Bison vs. Gophers game. I looked at tickets but they were spendy so I went with the second best option - local sports bar. 

random fact: I don't like beer, below is a hard dry cider - it tastes a bit like apple juice, yes please I'll have that!

Bison totally kicked Gopher butt - it was a beautiful sight!

Sunday was full of teaching the kiddos about creation. 
Good Stuff. 

Bestie & I also went out for lunch. 
It was scrumptious. 

Goal for this week: take more pictures of people in my life

The only downside this weekend was waking up in the early sunday morn knowing I had caught someone's cold. Considering I know several people who have colds right now I am not sure who I can blame - either way I have it & it has me. 

Excuse me while I go hibernate with a box of klenex & packets of emergen-c

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