Friday, September 30, 2011


It's that time again... 
You know the drill - take cellphone pics throughout the week
of your week and post them on Friday. 
No need to have instagram just no fancy cameras :)

My goal this week was to take more pictures of the people in my life.
I did not do so great in all honesty. I only took two people pics. Next week I'll do better.
{at least that is what I tell myself}
GO Bison! 
Last Saturday the Bison (my alma mater) played the local college - MN Gophers
A few fellow friend alums & I headed out to a sports bar to cheer them on. 
It was a great night - and the Bison WON! 
Once a Bison, always a Bison! 
ps. I don't really like beer - so I ordered a hard cider - so much better in my opinion!
Do all things with love

Lunch with Bestie on Sunday

Charming Charlie shopping - love that store!

What greets me every time I come home

How did you spend your week? 
Is there something you wish you would have done differently?


  1. Yea for Fall!! Got some decorations out at our house too!!!

    Seems like its hard to get pics of people too!!

  2. Ah yes, taking pictures of people...definitely not my strong point. I mostly take pictures of little objects/moments that I want to remember. :)

    P.S. That Dove wrapper is a great reminder!