Friday, September 2, 2011

Kickin' It with Instagram Friday!

It's Friday again ya'all. Linking up to Jeannette again this week to show off how I spent my week. What a week it was - beautiful weather, the Minnesota State Fair TWICE and some great friends & fun adventures!

Honey display at the Horticulture Building
Minnesota State Fair

At the fair we saw a calf born
It was pretty amazing to watch actually

Spend time at the fair with 177,116 people on Saturday. 
I seriously love the fair. There always seems to be a ton of people but it is really not that bad. 
It is actually kind of fun to gaze up the street & just see a sea of people who were all brought together by "The Great Minnesota Get Together"

Stone Arch Bridge

Coffee date with Curly Locks in North East Minneapolis
Iced Chai & Cappuccino 
the outdoor patio was so cute & right on the street
Minnesota is so diverse & beautiful each area has something different to offer & 
NE Minneapolis is definitely unique & fun in it's own right

This is how I currently organize & keep my necklaces untangled. 
This is about half of them - I guess the half I have worn since I moved in
You may ask how I get into my drawers - it's a bit difficult 
Thankfully M-F I mostly wear business casual that is 95% hung in my closet
So a little organization & a bit decoration (possibly?)

Coconut + Chocolate
The M&Ms still win out though
{no worries about me eating this entire bag - 
I only ate the 8 or so on the table, the bag was my coworkers)

I bought two new books at Half Price today (extra 20% - yippey!)
I have started reading Hidden Affections but need to track down the sequel to A Man Called Blessed before I can read it. 
Hidden Affections - Delia Parr
A Man Called Blessed - Ted Dekker & Bill Bright

What are you reading right now? I am always looking for something new & recommended *wink*


  1. I chuckled at the way you organize your necklaces! Maybe a jewelry box is in order? {coming from lif rearranged!}

  2. Stopping by from Life Rearranged and that honey looks delicious! I love honey :) Have a great weekend!