Friday, September 23, 2011

{Insta-Friday} with a side of pumpkin

It's that time again... 
You know the drill - take cellphone pics throughout the week
of your week and post them on Friday. 
No need to have instagram just no fancy cameras :)

This is totally the week that I forgot to take pictures - which is crazy if you know me.
I typically am snapping pictures everywhere - so much that you may be embarrassed!
Pumpkin Apple muffins made by my almost roomie
These were sitting on the counter waiting for us in the morn - so sweet of Ms. ASB

apples with pumpkin dip 
I am eating & loving everything pumpkin right now - love it!

Ms. Lynnae & I spend {maybe one of the last MN} evenings on the patio this week. 
Keeping me company was 'The Story' & a pumpkin spice latte

SO blurry - so sorry
I had my FIRST ever skype date on Wednesday evening. 
{remember how late I am to every new trend?}
Kaarin & I had so much fun 'seeing' each other & chatting
I love anyway we can chat & catch up but this was unbelievably great. 
Skype - you made a new friend in me


Happy Friday ya'lll and Happy FIRST day of Fall 
Now go live it up with a pumpkin spice latte or something equally as delish!


  1. I LOVE's the best thing ever! That looks like such fun. Cute blog, girl! :)

  2. These photos are lovely! I have an unnatural love for instagram, but what blogger doesn't ... :)