Friday, August 19, 2011


If you're new to Insta-Friday it's a little something cooked up over at Life Rearranged. Each Friday you show off your week with only cell phone pictures.

ps. you do not need instagram to participate - just fun cell phone 
pics, or not fun cell phone pics - your choice *wink*

Please let me interrupt this post with a brief blog update
{{blog update}} life has been a bit crazy-hectic-busy of recent. someday I will get back to posting things besides just fun linky parties. oh but the linky parties are so much with Maggie @ Gussy Sews & Jeanette @ Life Rearranged that I can never resist dreaming with Maggie & reflecting on my week & looking for beautiful moments with Jeanette. 
now back to your regularly scheduled Insta-Friday post

Saturday my wonderful parents graciously helped shlep boxes, furniture, 
and every-possesion-I-own into the new place
I have made some progress since then but still several boxes to be put away
{read: almost all boxes still need to be put away *sigh*}

meet Max
he's 11 weeks
isn't he adorable?
it gets better - he likes to cuddle!
Chandelle, Max & I met on Monday for a picnic at the park over my lunch hour
It was wonderful
{enter another grown up moment}
Re-reading the Twilight series in reverse. 
'Friends Scene It' with roomie Lynnae
She won by a small margin
I like roomies
Sitting on the back patio
laptop {check}
cellphones {check}
twilight {check}
roomie {check}
beverage {check}
I like roomies, patios & the outdoors
bag o'books
I went into the office & there was a whole
bag o'books sitting there for me
{enter new goal}

How did you find yourself spending your week?


  1. Max is so adorable!! Stopping by from Life rearranged!

  2. Max is super cute! And cuddly... there's not better combination!

    Have you read the Sookie Stackhouse books? They are very similar to Twilight. I'm reading them now.. just thought I would pass it along!

  3. Oh yay! Puppy made it on the blog :) lol I sure am missing the little guy! P.S. I love your insta-Fridays!! You will have to come to my place after I'm settled and have drinks on my patio!!! Which is overlooking a POND!! :)

  4. P.S. Do you think you could send me the picture of me and Bax? It's actually Bax...short for Baxter.

  5. oh my. the dog is ADORABLE.
    great instas! xo