Friday, August 12, 2011

Insta Friday

If you're new to Insta-Friday it's a little something cooked up over at Life Rearranged. Each Friday you show off your week with only cell phone pictures.

This week even though I am in love with instagram - half my photos are instagrammed the other half or plain old non-instagrammed. 

ps. you do not need instagram to participate - just fun cell phone pics, or not fun cell phone pics - your choice *wink*

the first of many a'trips

It may be silly but I call these clouds 'asuncion clouds'
it reminds me of when Jesus ascended into heaven 
the Bible talks about how the skies opened up and the sun shown down on them
everytime I see clouds lite like this I think of His sacrifice

find beauty in everything surrounding you

I love me some ikea catalog
it is my favorite - i get so excited when it comes in the mail
{it's embarrassing really}

trying to cut down on my pop intake
it's carbonated but does this count as pop?

shopping at borders going out of business sale
{the instagram picture - so much cooler - but i lost it somewhere}


look at all of those flavors
isn't it pretty?

I spent a good chunk of time going through old mags & trying to chuck them
I would pull out the recipes I liked to save in a binder & ditch the rest
{entire night = 4 mags done}

 parade time!

I am a sucker for grenadine in diet cokes
and cherries
{be still my beating heart}


  1. I'm hopping over to the IKEA website to hook myself up with their catalogs. Oh how I wish I had a store in my state! But maybe I can get my fix through the pages of their magazine!
    I need to go through my old magazines too....why can't I just throw them away.....if I'm being honest I'm so much more likely to look on-line than to go through ripped out pages. Good for you for getting some done!

  2. Hi! I'm visiting from life rearranged. Just wanted to say that one of my insta pics today is of the brand new Ikea they just built here in Denver! And trust me, it's easier looking through the magazine then trying to navigate your way through the store! Have a great Friday!

  3. I may never look at clouds the same again! Thanks for sharing that! I love it:)