Tuesday, July 19, 2011

That time I celebrated all week long

{27 all week long}

I started off celebrating with my grandparents. 
They are so generous and share their wedding anniversary with my birthday - and I love it. 
We went to a German restaurant for supper, it was so much fun.
My grandparents
Aren't they cute?

I typically celebrate with lots of different friends - this year? I mixed all the friends groups. 
Let me tell ya it was amazing! 

Part of my small group girls. I love this group so much - words can not tell. 
This picture also happens to include 1 of my future roomies {excitement}

We go back all the way to high school, I also was honored to stand up with her on 
the most important day of her life. 

Curly Locks & sister Gracie
I love these two people. Curly Locks get's me so well - I love her
Gracie - we have the same style, taste & love for pretty much everything. 
Gracie also puts some youth back in these ol'bones.

27 candles... let me tell you.. I wasn't able to blow out ALL of the candles - 27 is a whole lot of candle

I truly made my birthday a week long celebration
Let me tell you it was wonderful
I am so thankful for all of my friends & family that I was able to spend time with. 
I was also so blessed by my friends & family far away who took the time to text, call, facebook {<3 social media},  and shower me with cards & prezzies. 

If my week long birthday celebration was any indication 27 will be an amazing year. 

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