Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Classics

Every year I do the same thing.

{September - May} I religiously read the tv guide, check online and ask everyone I know "Did you see the new Grey's Anatomy? Can you believe Meredith did that?!?" or text a friend "Is Bones new this week?". Every year I look forward to the season premiers, anticipate sweeps week and then by March & April I am ready for finales. I'm ready to stop logging into hulu to watch my shows, to stop wondering when I will see the end of my que of shows and just ready for it to be done for the season.

During that time when I can see the end in sight, when I know I will be done watching the new and start anticipating the ability to watch my collection. My collection of movies, favorite series {hello Lorelia & Rory} and movies that have been on my must-see-list. Finally that time has come. This year it's even sweeter that usual. This year I have my usual anticipation but instead of running back to my usual loves of Friends, and every chic flick imaginable I have been fantasizing about the classics.

{the classics} The last few weeks of packing I kept longing to watch 'Finding Nemo' and other {Disney} Classics. So this summer when everyone else is enjoying their classics I too will be enjoying mine. Finding Nemo, Cars, Mulan, the movies that childhoods are made of.

Now that's what I'm talking about.

What summer ritual do you have that aren't all about the sun, water & outdoors?

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