Sunday, June 19, 2011

Bowling Shoes, Friend Dates & Fathers Day

This weekend was utterly wonderful!

{Friend Date}

Friday I went on a date with my wonderful friend the future Mrs. Bars. Mrs. Bars & I use to live together in a cozy little apartment with our other roommate Diana. Mrs. Bars & I walked around and window shopped stopping to 'ohh' & 'awww' over the appropriate items. We walked through Anthropologie - wow do I love that store, so many treasures to find.

We decided to hit Buca for supper, that food is to die for, seriously, so good. We were celebrating Mrs. Bars birthday coming up and just catching up in general, enjoy friendship & tasty food. 

{A Wedding}

Saturday I went to a wedding of a friend from the college years. The wedding was beautiful. Curly Locks was actually a maid in the wedding. Gretchen, the bride looked gorgeous! I did not really know the groom much before the wedding but it was fun to see through out the reception how much they were ment for each other & how they complimented each other so much. 

The reception was at a bowling alley, before supper began we got in a round of bowling. It was quite comically walking around and seeing guests dressed in dresses, nice pants & ties with bowling shoes on their feet. And the dancing, oh the dancing. Curly Locks & I hung out with a few friends from college so we all had a blast on the dance floor and the DJ was terrific playing great music, no slow songs - it was wonderful!

We actually wore our bowling shoes (with socks) for quite some time because they were much more comfortable than our heels. 

{Father's Day}
We spent the day with my grandparents and aunts & uncles for Fathers Day. We grilled out and had a wonderful time. This picture is from a year ago but I still love it. Happy Fathers Day dad! Thanks for always being there for me! Love you!

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