Thursday, May 19, 2011

Friday Eve & Friend Fail

It's Friday Eve!

I don't know where the week has gone!?! I can not believe it is already Friday Eve! One of my friends always wishes me a Happy Friday Eve every Thursday and it always brightens my week and makes me smile, following my "Friday Eve" voicemail from said friend I always receive a sung "Happy Friday" voicemail the next day - it truly brightens my Thursday & Friday and is more of my "hump" day then Wednesday is. There last few weeks have just been flying by. But so ready for this weekend and a few days off. This weekend will be a busy one though.

blurry cell picture of L & I before the shower

All of May seems to be rushing past. Last weekend I attended a beautiful baby shower for a college friend. It was so much fun, lots of laughter, good food and fun friends. Hopefully sometime soon I will be able to share some fun pictures from it - seriously SO.MUCH.FUN.


Friend Fail
I completely feel like I've been a failure at this whole friend thing recently.
May is so busy apart from packing, preparing my returned home (parental home) for the next few months, cleaning, moving and packing (did I mention that?). I have had so many wonderful things going on that I am juggling; acclimating myself to a new job (HUGE BLESSING) and preplanned May events & activities. I have pretty much kept up my "set week" schedule of Tuesday with the Family & Thursday small group and then anything else I have scheduled/rsvped/responded to (birthdays, showers, parties, ect). But unfortunately that has not left a lot of time for unscheduled, spontaneous, last minute fun.

I feel like I have left my friends down, but honestly right now I am just focusing on getting past this whole packing thing before May comes to a close and hopefully in June I will be able to see people, friends and family. I've had to turn down fun opportunities that have come up because I've taken a "policy" on not really adding to my May activities that unfortunately is pretty straight across the board with no "ifs", "ands" or "buts".

In the friend fail section we can also categorize a birthday section. I have been late on a few friends birthday presents this month. That's not a good friend.

Friend fail. Not a great feeling


Small Group has been & continues to be a huge blessing to me. We just started a new study and it is wonderful! And the discussion we have been having is great. Sometimes it can be a struggle to find a good study, we vary from books of the bible, to book studies & dvd studies. Currently this is a book study but unlike most studies we have done, this one brings the Bible in so clearly and makes you dig deep and makes you open your Bible!


Congrats to anyone or everyone who got through that very wordy post of mine.


  1. Hang in there Becca! And don't start scheduling June to be too full before you save a coffee date slot for me :) Its been WAY too long! MY friend fail...

  2. Hey, you made time to wait forever for me to eat last Friday. I was the one who failed that one...I just showed up with little notice and you made time! No fail there :)

    ...I'll try and get you the pics tomorrow.