Sunday, April 17, 2011

On Life Reflection

Another weekend has come and gone. I still can not figure out how the weekends come and go so fast, it's like someone is constantly pushing the fast forward button.

My weekend plans have seemed to slow down a bit, which is really wonderful. Saturday I spent a few hours in the morning with a friend sipping coffee and chillaxing and enjoying each others company. Later on I ventured out to St. Paul and attended a Swarm game with a friend. I'm not sure what it is about the less popular sports, but I love them. First roller derby and now la crosse, there is just something wonderful about them. Don't get me wrong I still love football - but I never get in a football stadium, and I want to like baseball - I really really want to like baseball but right now I love me some roller derby and la crosse.

Spring is really coming in Minnesota. Yes it is, despite the slight snow covering Friday night to Saturday, spring is coming. It's amazing that when it's 20 degrees in the middle of a cold bitter winter it feels warm. But now that I have gotten a taste of the 60 degree tropics for a day or two 45 seems a bit chilly for me. I am relishing wearing lighter fleeces and spring jackets and not worry about what shoes to wear in the snow. Just to help spring along a bit I did paint my little toesies bright yellow.

I have expanded my love for Adele's Rolling in the Deep to include her entire 21 album. I am contemplating purchasing the entire album.  I typically flip stations between the local christian radio station and county music stations but I am always looking for more clean music options. This definitely seems to be a current option.

I am drinking iced tea by the glasses. I think it definitely means spring is on it's way. Yup the evidence of yellow painted tosies and brewing large quantities of iced tea definitely means spring is coming with summer hopefully not to far away.


  1. Buy the whole album! You won't regret it. Rolling in The Deep and Someone Like You are the two singles she has released and I can't get enough of them. Have you heard this version? I love it.

  2. I think I am finally going to buy it. But I'm a slight dork and want a hard copy so I will probably guy it in stores vs. itunes since it's the entire album. I had not heard Someone Like You but it is gorgeous. Her voice really is amazing.