Thursday, March 17, 2011

Next Stop Bliss.

 Departure from Crazy Train, Next Stop Bliss.

Crazy Train:

Life has been crazy this week. I've had plans, appointments, and more plans on top of life's normal order. My temperamental (but beloved) vehicle decided to act up and needed some good (expensive) loving care. That only added to the crazy train this week has been, leading to rearranging, canceling and changing plans. Unfortunately plans I had my heart set on - things that I wanted to do where pushed out of the way, some sleep was lost,  but finally this week has come to the culmination.


My dear friend Carmen is in town and the next few days are planed AND unplanned.
Planned - I will be spending time with her and Curly Locks.
Unplanned - We are not sure exactly what we are doing, drinking coffee, dinner, movies, driving around - whatever it is it will be bliss.
It will be bliss because we are friends, friends who can enjoy our time no matter what.

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