Monday, March 21, 2011


Last week was so extremely busy and I fought the busyness tooth & nail. Fighting for some sort of resemblance of order and time for myself. 

This weekend was a good busy, a fall-in-bed-total-enjoyment-busy. The busy that you look back at and just smile as life took you speeding full speed ahead. 

This week is turning out to be pretty busy, my dance card aka my social calendar, is all booked up but I am taking a different approach this week. This week I will embrace the busyness of life. I will embrace and enjoy. It is only Monday & God has already blessed me and rearranged & changed my week but it's a good change, a change for the better. 


On another note I have started a reading 'program' on my Bible App (via my ipod) that guides you through different topical studies of choice. My current study?


That is also a blessing in my life. Reading about King Solomon and the wisdom that was imparted to him by God.

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  1. well actually, it appears as though you have a schottische or two available.