Saturday, January 15, 2011

A Saturday for the Books

Today was an epic Saturday, a Saturday for the books. Every part of it was wonderful, every detail wonderful and full of merriment. 

I love those Saturday mornings where you can lounge in bed and leisurely get ready, not be rushed, not have a deadline but lounge and relax and enjoy a slow start to your day.

Bestie and I had an amazingly fun date today. A trip to North East Minneapolis to visit a beautiful hand crafted store - I Like You. I was first introduced to this store while at the Minnesota State Fair. Everything sold in this store is hand crafted and from local Minnesota artists. Bestie and I got a *bit* lost on our way, the streets were definitely messed up during the numbering process, who would put SE 8th Street right before NE 1st Street? 
Bestie really is the bestest, after the store we took a detour and strolled across the Stone Arch Bridge in the frigid 10 degree weather. Gazed at St. Anthony Falls & talked the Guthrie. 

The perfect ending to our perfect date? White Vanilla Mocha and Christmas in January. 

The icing on this epic saturday? I ate wonderful delightful food. Pretty much all comfort food. A pear for breakfast - I am really loving pears right now so tasty! A lunch of homemade tomato basil soup with grilled cheese - I could live off of that stuff. A medium non-fat White Vanilla Mocha - my absolute favorite and really just liquid comfort right there in a mug. And for supper homemade mac n' cheese, not healthy by any means but fast, tasty and comfortable along with a healthy side of brussel sprouts. Yes I like brussel sprouts, I'm not sure when that happened since I did not eat them as a child but still just as tasty. 

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  1. It was a perfect day! :) And if we hadn't gotten lost it wouldn't have been quite so perfect!! Love being "lost" with you!