Monday, December 27, 2010

A Few Things

{Gift Giving}

Every year I agonize on what to give the three people in my life that have everything. Who might those people be? My grandparents. They are at that point where they do not need much of anything. And what they do want/need/desire, they buy. The first two years of gift giving I made them each a calendar to enjoy through out the year. The past few years I have gifted them food. One year 3 - 5 kinds of homemade delicious frozen soups to enjoy at their leisure. Last year a few frozen soups as well as breakfast breads. This year delicious frozen soup, homemade fudge sauce  in cute little jars & pre-made cookie dough wrapped in paper with baking directions on the outside.

{Christmas Stollen}

Christmas Eve morning I could not sleep and woke at 6:30am, so what is a girl to do? Well of course whip of a batch of Christmas Stollen. I am on my second batch of this stuff. Yum, seriously. I brought a loaf over to my mother dearest and promptly ate about half of it, kidding, well not really so I must sacrificially give her my last loaf, or she may disown me, kidding, well not really, this stuff is seriously good. Seriously.

I'm thinking about stock piling the candied fruit so I can make this year round. You can typically only find the candies fruit during the holiday season. 

{37 Snapshots}

I have all of the pictures for my little project but blogger does not seem to like this project. The format is all redunkulious, and even after I split my picture posts up into just a few days the pictures still disappear from the post. Ridiculous! 

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