Friday, December 31, 2010

Decking 2011 with Organization

I'm still enjoying my christmas music and still have a few presents under the tree for some loved ones but I am already thinking about next year. This year I loved but next year had better not be a repeat of this year I am telling you! This year I did get everything done, mailed, baked and wrapped but it was a close call.
I would like to get myself more 'christmas organized' for next year - this year.

Something along the lines of making a document/list/binder of everyone I send christmas cards to and their addresses all in one place, a list of present ideas from this year that I did not use and use possibly next year, recipes I made, recipes to add, skip or delete next year and a list of various other notes.

And a kick-butt-letter to myself about being organized, and not procrastinating on wrapping and certain grandparent baking next year.

Is there something you do to organize yourself for the holidays?

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  1. I bought a see through tote for all of my clearence christmas buys! Now it will probably go in the garage where I won't see it again for about 5 years.