Monday, October 25, 2010

A Wander in the Woods

{Hidden Falls Regional Park}
Saturday my friend KB & I went on a little hike around Hidden Falls Regional Park in St. Paul along the Mississippi River. The day was a bit overcast but still so much fun. We hiked for about two and a half hours, searching for the falls. We gazed at gnarly braided & twisted trunks. 

 Still we found no falls, we searched inland amongst the trees. Nothing. We finally decided that it was in fact hidden. Hence the Hidden Falls. Even though it had rained the night before there was not enough water to make the falls reappear.

We may not have found the falls but we still had a glorious wander in the woods and along the river. 

 Beautiful life moments, things to treasure & hold dear to your heart.
. : don't let anyone tell you differently : .

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