Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Sugar Plums, Ballet Flats and Glittery Kris Kringles

My inbox gets flooded with store emails updating me on new products and online deals weekly it seems. I foolishly sign up for these said emails, I browse, glance and skim the emails seeing if I'm interested. Imagine my surprise when Pier 1 entered my inbox offering me a holiday preview for 2010. Holiday? Maybe fall, autumn, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, nope CHRISTMAS.

While Pier 1 is dreaming of Christmas 2010 filled with Sugar Plums and glittery Santa Claus', Reindeer and Garland I am dreaming of  everything fall; warm days and cool nights, crushing leaves under foot, apple picking, and sipping warm cider. Along with fall I am gearing up for the wardrobe that coordinates with all of those delicious outings; Cardigans, Jackets, Ballet Flats, scarves and thick long sleeve shirts. 

Ruffle Trim Open Front Cardigan

Button Front Rosette Cardigan

 Flannel Lined Utility Jacket
Jersey Linen Trench Coat

Kenneth Cole Reaction
Odell Ruffle Ballet Flats - Mushroom

Care to see Pier 1s' Christmas preview?

What is filling your dreams?


  1. How odd! Though, I did get a lot of emails last month from toy stores doing "Christmas in July." Looks like other stores are following suit. I guess July is the new November?

  2. Those e-mails seem to have comandeered my inbox as well! Fall is my favorite season. I wanted to get married in the fall... but it just did't work. :( I love the sent of dying leaves and the crunch under foot. I can't wait!

  3. Where is the purple sweater from? Hobby Lobby in Pburg already has Christmas trees up!