Monday, August 16, 2010

A Wedding, A Camp Fire & Scarlet O'Hara

The last few days have been flying by full of adventure, friends, beautiful moments and it's own flavor of busyness. Want to know what I've been up to the last few days? I know you do.

A lovely campfire roasting hot dogs over an open fire. So delicious, I always forget how wonderful a hot dog tastes over a campfire, wonderful friends, wonderful discussion and just relaxing and breathing in the woodsy smell of a campfire.

Thursday & Friday brought storms through the area, angry skies with booming thunder and bright lightening. But after the storm blew through cool days returned to central Minnesota. Glorious cool days and even better cool nights lazy clouds floating across the sky.

Saturday I spent eight hours volunteering my time at a friend of a friends wedding. There wasn't time to take pictures during the reception or of even the bride & groom. But I was able to take a few pictures with my phone during set up. The details were gorgeous. The wedding took place in Wisconsin at a Girls Scout Camp. {Forgive the phone pictures quality please... pretty please}. The best part of the night was working beside my wonderful roommate Diana, and other beautiful roommate Christina {who was in the wedding}.

Sunday was filled with church, snuggling little kids in nursery, friends, cranium where I in one game threw a scarf over my head and acted like Scarlet from Gone with the Wind, hummed Gilligan's Island Theme and had multiple high fives and screams of excitement. 

The weekend was full of wonderful beautiful life moments and fun times. That is the make up of the best weekends.

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