Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Goodbye Minnesota, Hello Wisconsin

This past weekend I spent time with a friend at my family cabin. It was a much needed mini-vacation from the world, especially after a week of teaching VBS to preschoolers! It was glorious, so many wonderful memories of my youth were made at that cabin. As a kid I always loved heading to the cabin with my grandparents, knowing I would be able to run around and play, have my grandparents to myself and the possibility of ice cream every evening.

After grabbing groceries in Stillwater and toting our Caribous we headed for the road and said goodbye to Minnesota, and hello Wisconsin.

We spent the time to the cabin driving through gorgeous countryside dotted with small towns, rolling hills, green pastures and high cornfields. Finally destination was found nestled in it's own puffy blue clouds, amid the cornfields lay the cabin. The cabin had not changed much over the years, still the same loved cabin of my childhood.

The cabin was relaxing and inviting. We spent the quiet moments taking walks in the country, curling up with books & magazines, canoeing & paddle boating, movies in the evening, even star gazing and seeing two shooting stars & the big dipper.

We ventured into a nearby town twice for some good old mom & pop restaurants. 

We at at Nezzy's Sports Bar & Grill. 
I had the Jalapeno Raspberry Chicken Wings

The Tower House

Silly countryside roads.

Every good thing must end, even weekend at the cabin. But thankfully I have the pictures and memories... and unfortunately the sunburn to remember the quiet & relaxing weekend.

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  1. Cute picture of you! Now I know what it was at the cabin, the ice cream every night! I'll have to remember that when I am a Grandma.