Thursday, June 10, 2010

Mary Poppins Mentality

I like to adopt, what I like to call the Mary Poppins Mentality.

Let's revisit Mary Poppins shall we? Well Mary liked to carry lamps and practically everything she owned in her traveling bag.

When I go on trips I like to adopt the Mary Poppins Mentality by *trying* to be as prepared as I possibly can. I tend to go as far as over analyzing what I need.

Do I need a back up photo memory card? I do take lots of pictures, do I buy one as a back up just in case? I don't want to have to track one down in WA!

I'm a freeze baby do I need to bring a coat? Just one? I live in MN, right now it's hot & humid... but WA it's not hot, it's 15-20 cooler there, it rains there! 
But it's summer, summer equals capris and tank tops right? Not coats, umbrellas and slickers.

Do I need just one LBC (little black cardigan)? Because I have 3, they're all different, I swear to you, they are! 

And shoes, oh shoes.. let's not even begin with shoes shall we?

The morale of the story... 
I'm not sure what the morale of the story is, pack light? pack everything? better be safe than sorry? don't travel at all? 

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