Sunday, May 23, 2010

How we got LOST

During college I started watching Lost. It all started because Curly Locks watched it (we were roommates for 2 years, lived in the same building for 4) and she loved it, we have the same taste in shows so I thought maybe I should start watching it. I honestly thought it was a little weird (until I started watching that is). So during finals week and the first week of Christmas break I was working on a big Christmas present to my grandparents and thought what better way to work than grab the first 2 or  3 season and watch while I'm working. So I rented the seasons and FLEW through them, I just loved them! I was hooked since then. I've love all the layers and connections that are involved in Lost. 

Curly Locks and I would gather in our living room each week and watch Lost, discussing and sitting in breath taking silence as we digested each new turn of events. Some how we found out that two of our friends L & Mrs. Banderson (not a Mrs. back then) loved the show too. We started having Lost parties together.

The four Lost girls at a friends wedding. I was the Maid of Honor
Curly Locks, Me, L, Mrs. Banderson

Curly Locks, Mrs. Banderson, L, Me 
We all coordination quite well I must say
we're just cool like that

Unfortunately over the years we are now scattered every which way. Only two of us are within seeing distance, the other two are in the state but several hours away. So tonight I will venture to the Banderson household and have a Lost party with Mr. & Mrs. Banderson. We've made Mr. Banderson an honorary member of our Lost group. 

My hosts for the evening
The Bandersons 

I'm making some yummy (hopefully) snacks for the party. Tune in later this week to see what I cooked up in the kitchen!

Are you addicted to Lost like I am? Or have a similar fun story about gathering together with friends sitting back and enjoy the show?


  1. I have never in my life watched LOST, but it sure looks like it must be a great show based on all of the hype about it on the Facebook Newsfeed (and your blog!). :)

  2. actually, during season two, I got mrs. banderson watching it then curlylocks found out that we were watching it together so she'd come up to third floor to watch it with us. we were only missing you to make it an official party!