Thursday, April 15, 2010

Amnicon: Quiet Haven

Curly locks and I decided to head to Amnicon Falls State Park in WI for several hours of hiking and fun. If you remember a few months ago Curly Locks, L and I headed to Amnicon while it was a winter wonderland.

We started off on a nature trail on the Thimbleberry Nature Trail. When we started there were two different ways to go it was a "Y" we figured you start on one and end on the other right? We we did not end where we started. At some point we reached a road by the campgrounds of Amnicon and decided to walk that back to where we parked... I'd rather not get lost in the woods if it's ok with you.

After a homemade picnic of fruit, salsa & chips, and cheese we hiked around the falls and along the river.
Curly Locks lying in the sun while I played paparazzi 

I hate to admit this but I really missed the winter wonderland of perfect snow drifts and glorious white all around us. Maybe I am more of a winter girl that I thought I was. None the less we had a fantastic time and the scenery was gorgeous!

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  1. but wasn't it fun not having to drag yourself through much fun as it is. However, no snow does make it harder to find lost keys.