Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Thoughts from the Weekend

So yes the weekend has been over for several days.. but I still want to share my weekend fun with ya'all so here it goes!

I saw the movie How to Train Your Dragon this past weekend! It was so good! Even better I got to see it in 3D! My first ever 3D movie. I would go and see this movie again in a heart beat!

Me + apartment hunting = exhausting and disheartening at times

Rollerblading on Saturday afternoon with my orange plaid friend at the Lake Elmo Park Reserve. It was a gorgeous day out but a bit overcast. But the weather was a nice 50ish degrees which was just perfect to go blading in. I look forward to more rollerblading dates - but maybe after I am fully over my cold.  

Life Lesson 205: Do not go blading when you still have a cold.. breathing does not work out so well

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