Monday, March 29, 2010

These Boots Were Made for Walking

Goodbye Boots,

How I enjoyed our friendship. I remember wearing you through the mud, slush and snow you were good to me during the long MN winter months. But then I came across this hating article about The Dangers of Sheep Skin Boots so I guess you and I must part ways. The only consolation is that I will have several months to look for new feet loving foot wear for winter 2010.

      your owner

At least I have several months to look as my feet will be living in these all summer long. I especially love the Old Navy brand that are slightly shiny/shimmery - so much softer.

On second thought I remember this photo from my Colorado trip 2009 of me wearing my beloved Old Navy flip flops on the Continental Divide as well as Pikes Peak. Maybe I don't need different winter foot wear :)

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