Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Opening the Book

I recently purchased an ipod Touch, which I happen to love and use constantly. I have been downloading and review "apps" (applications) daily. Some of my favorites are google reader , budget one, kindle for ipod, facebook (who doesn't love FB) and recently I downloaded two different Bible apps. One of them - youversion has several different types of  reading plans that are delivered right to your device. There are a few that I'm looking at ....

Project 345
An effective way to read the entire New Testament in one year. The plan involves reading one chapter per day five days a week and uses the weekends to catch up if you missed any days. The plan was named for the average of the three minutes and forty five seconds that it takes to read one New Testament chapter (obviously this time will vary due to individual reading rates, chapter lengths, and etc., but you get the point). It’s never too late, start today!

Life Journal Plan
The Life Journal Reading plan is designed to help you read through the Old Testament once and the New Testament twice each year. For journals and related resources, visit

Psalms 31
Reading through the Psalms in 31 days

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