Wednesday, June 26, 2013

{Day Two} Meeting the Big Apple: Times Square

We left Niagara Falls area in the early morning and headed to New York New York. Before our trip we debated about staying in NYC and paying the extra money or staying in New Jersey & paying for transportation daily. In the end we went the NJ route. 

{Times Square}

By the time we drove the 6 hours, settled into the hotel & took public transportation to NYC it was late afternoon. We headed straight for Time Square it was everything & yet nothing I expected.

We visited Rockefeller Center

We visited the Hershey store with a dancing yellow M&M, a green statue of liberty M&M and a rainbow of yummy colors.

Amanda & I with Time Square and city lights in the background. 

{Cake Shop}
Right in Time Square is Buddy the Cake Boss' Cupcake shop. By the time we got to Buddy's we were so long past tired + exhausted and were just waiting for our scheduled bus for a ride back to NJ. 

We each got a cupcake and then sliced & diced them up so we could all have a taste. We tried Vanilla Vanilla, Carrot Cake, peanut Butter & Chocolate & a Caramel Cupcake.

It was a wonderful first day spent in New York, New York. 


  1. I absolutely LOVE's such a crazy, magical place.

    1. It is all of that for sure! It's honestly the city that never sleeps.