Monday, April 30, 2012

{Dear Monday} St. Paul edition

 I'm linking up again with Megan at Happy Day 

Dear Monday, you started off a bit rough but an impromptu girls night was just what the doctor ordered! 

Dear St. Paul, I love everything about you. 

Dear Minnesota, you will always have my love but please help a girl out with sunny warm weather.

Dear Weekend full of roommate day, movie nights, an afternoon nap, friend dates & church, you were just what a girl needed. 


  1. I'll trade you your colder, overcast Minnesota weather for our hot, muggy Texas weather any day! ;)

    Happy Monday (now Tuesday)! Found you via Dear Monday!

  2. Random girls nights are always so perfect!! So glad you had a nice weekend and a fun Monday!!

  3. hey girly-check out this post: