Monday, February 27, 2012

{Dear Monday} 2.27.12 edition

It is Monday and I am linking up again with Megan at Happy Day for Dear Monday! 

Dear Monday, you went so fast! Please do this every Monday.

Dear weekend, you were fun. I am happy that I finally completed my infinity scarf but sad that Ikea disappointed me with their empty shelves and non-existant products.

Dear Girl Scout Cookies,  You tempt me. I already quit the tagalongs though because they were not worth it to me. But Thin Mints... you will be a challenge I must over come.... one thin mint at a time.

Dear fat mum slim, I am enjoying your February challenge via instagram (becca_onegirl). Can't wait for March to begin - if only for the new challenge.

Hope the rest of your Monday is beautiful!

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