Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Yes I will buy

Let's set the scene: 

About a month an a half ago I received a call from a Mary Kay consultant about apparently receiving a free facial & $10 gift certificate from an old co-worker. I thought gee that's nice of old co-worker, I told the consultant that yes I was interested & I would call her back with a time to set up this facial, ect and explained that May was busy for me, yada yada. Well I did not call her back, it was not intentional, I kept thinking I should call her back but did not know when I would actually schedule it so it kept slipping my mind and I never returned the call.

Skip a head to the present and I finally set a time and date and just wanted to get it over with, I actually already have a Mary Kay consultant I can purchase stuff from but have stopped using a lot of the products over the years. But like I said I just wanted to get it over with so I bit the bullet and drove the distance out there for my facial intending on not buying anything. 

I get there and of course the woman is sweet, all smiles, and has apparently been doing this since 1989 - practically my entire life, so she is pretty good at this whole selling thing. We start the facial and at the end is the obligatory awkward "So are you interested in any of the products today, I'll just let you look this over.". After being there a total of an hour & a half I walk away with a new facial regiment and another appointment in my calendar for my makeover.

Yes people I spent money & lots of it. It's not that I don't believe that maybe your skin needs more than just the typical wash & cleanse but the fact of the matter is I bought in to it all. That is typical of me. You could probably convince me of anything and I will buy into it. 

My goal for the makeover is to not purchase anything there. I am perfectly happy with my makeup I currently use. 

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