Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Last Saturday I took a "self day". It was very much needed. I feel like so often I am making plans and trying to remember days & dates in my head of meetings, deadlines and upcoming events. I will be the first person to tell you that I do it to myself. I look at any given week or weekend and upon seeing that I have no plans I proceed to fill that time up leaving no time for the things that 'come up' or need to get done.

After another busy weekend I declared a 'self day' of no plans, meetings or times I had to be anywhere.  That such day was Saturday. It was so funny though, despite sharing with several friends & co workers about my thus stated 'self day' I still had to restrain myself from making plans. I found myself wanting to reach out to friends and contact people and say "Oh! I'm available Saturday if you're free." But I restrained myself. I did mentally make plans, some that I followed and some that I did not.

I enjoyed an actual sleep in day. Can you believe that? I the girl who is usually up by 6am, not by choice, actually slept in several more hours. I took turns lounging on each sofa, enjoying a show or two and did make myself shower before noon (I thought it would only be respectful). Of the two tentative plans I had sketched out in my head for my day of 'self' I only got to one of them, much later that originally planned. Originally I was going to have dinner with family & an aunt & uncle in town but as I was not hungry and dinner did not happen till 8ish I declined and opted out and stayed in my coziness curled up with a book and the most delicious tea known to man. I do declare that my 'self' day was wonderful and rejuvenating and most definitely needed.

Do you ever turn off the cell phone, ignore the inbox and just relax and let what may happen happen?

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