Friday, February 4, 2011

Hello Beautiful Friday

It's Friday.
I've been waiting for this day since Monday saw it's beginning.

My weekend may not look like I was originally planning, hacking up lungs and winter cold n'sniffles got in the way of that - but I'm still looking forward to a beautiful weekend. A weekend of  huluing (it's my netflix - don't judge - did I mention I'm single, you wouldn't have guessed right?), wedding dress shopping with the roomie, church,  financial class, watching a little ol'football game {GO PACKERS}, reuniting with my my long lost love sleep and hopefully chalk full of other beautiful, relaxing moments.

I really wish my weekend also consisted of reading this book & a little meandering outside in beautiful snowy wilderness. But the later option does not seem to help the hacking of lungs and cold n'sniffles.

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