Friday, January 28, 2011

On Roommates & Bath Rugs

One of the roommates and I battle it out daily. But we have never said a word about our disagreement. We just use our actions.

I like:

She like:

I can't be to persnickety though, she did ask me to a personal attendant and invited me to go wedding dress shopping with her. Now that is LOVE folks.

So I guess I'll just keep moving the rug.


  1. Ha! TOTALLY cracks me up! I actually can't decide which way I think the rug goes.....hmmmmm...

  2. I like your practicality of the rug by the sink. BUT, I like CH's pattern line up. What would I do. I would keep it like CH has it except when I were getting ready at the sink. Wise words from ASB

  3. Oh yes CH's way does line up the pattern but when it's right in front of the tub I feel like the rest of the floor is so rug-less. I must ponder more I guess....