Monday, December 13, 2010

While Josephs Away..

Last year at a Christmas party with a few friends we were exchanging white elephant presents, among the unwanted junk treasures you would have found a DVD, a grotesquely dirty keyboard & a Fisher Price manger scene. The manger scene was still in the original packaging and brand new, the only ehm.. problem? There were two Marys (mother of Jesus) & no Joseph. Not exactly the typical manger scene if you are familiar with the biblical account. 

One Year Late... 
Same group of friends. Same idea of a white elephant present. And a re-gifted Fisher Price nativity. That is right the Joseph-less nativity scene was again up for grabs. But this time I was the lucky lady walking away with this prize. There has been some speculation about a possible regift of said Fisher Price nativity again next year. But I am saying no way man! Now that I have this in my possession I am keeping it!

Now I am pretty traditional and I would like the Joseph, but it's not in the cards for this box of treasures. So my story of explanation? Joseph is out grabbing diapers for little Jesus & the duplicate Mary? Well Mary (mother of Jesus) apparently had a sister named Mary (and I'm sure they looked a like....).  



  1. It is so cute! I'd keep it too.

  2. you can ebay a joseph for about $6. Apparently, someone got a few extra.

  3. ooo yay! I love that nativity set!! :) I bought one for my nanny kids this year! Although they have a mary and a joseph - but love your explanations! :) Zoe has added to it all that Jesus only likes some not all of the people could come see him!! Luckily that isn't true! Have fun with your nativity! DON"T regift it!!! After I bought the one for my nanny kids, their mom bought one too (neither of us knew the other had gotten the nativity) and I almost decided to just keep mine for myself! lol